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Winding road article

It is the latest (May) issue. Article does not seem very good to me. Lot's of potentially totally false statments. Where does this leave their credibility. Perhaps I will e-mail them to see what they say.
  • Article claims that the knock/misfire sensor on the S85B50 M5 was not spark plug based. This article directly contradicts that. Who is right??
  • They claim the S85B50 has three oils pumps, the above claims 4.
  • They claim there is a BMW inline 6 that will make 430 hp in Europe. What the hell car is that, I want to know!
  • V8 M3 has an oil capacity of 11.1 qt, 9.3 qt per change.
  • Top speed unlimited will be 183.
  • The Nurburgring simulation on the engine tester puts the car around the track in 8:20. The "unofficial" answer on the lap time in good hands was "around" 8:10 (pretty much in line with the 8:12 we have heard so far - and that is disappointing to me.)
  • In mid 2008 we will get a heavily updated fourth generation sequential manual. This definitely does not sound like a ZSG. Is a ZSG technically a "sequential"? I think it is.
  • They claim they will drive the car in July at the Ascari circuit in Spain and will give a full report with video.

BTW a subscription (free) is required to see the entire article