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More comparisons and graphs

Gathered some of the very few Ferrari dynos I could find and converted everything to "apples to apples" for the attached graphs. Maybe I should have added some of the better AMG plants (or Porsche) as well but I am just so disinterested in MB (and Porsche is not very apples to apples since it is not a V8)... I'm happy to share my Excel file if anyone wants to make some other comparos.

Things to note:
-In making the M3 V8 torque curve smoother and getting to peak at lower rpm they absolutely sacrificed some small bit of mid range torque (see purple vs. orange on torque graph). Top end torque does not fall nearly as fast as M5 though.
-M3 V8 >> F360, purely from an engine stand point (exact same displacement). Man was that Ferrari high strung.
-F430 >> M3 and M5 engines. Man does this thing make gobs of torque for per displacement. Not as much as GT3 though.
-M3 V8 probably has a few hundred valauable rpm left past 8400 but look how the F430 torque falls off so slowly at high rpm and hp just seems to keep on going. Definitely some extra performance to be had here if the longevity was not adversely affected.
-The Ferrari data looks so good (almost impossible). But my data did come from engine dyno measurements. Again as per my previous comment that the new M engine is evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
-Ferrari seems to also have very low drive train losses ~12% on peak hp, ~10% on peak torque, M5 is 14/17 respectively.

-I used linear scaling to guess engines performance at smaller displacements. I know, not perfect but I don't know an better, easy way.
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