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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Ballistic knife? Exploding crossbow? Akimbo/dual wield weapons?

Treyarch, as usual, has gone full retard.

I didn't like WaW, didn't even keep it. I traded it in on MW2. Now, I don't play these games online, so I don't have to worry about 10 year old hackers or getting killed at 100 yards by a thrown knife.....

Oh, and I hate the stupid akimbo/dual wield weapons in MW2 too.
I do have an issue with dying from a shotgun blast that came all the way across the map... but I've experienced that in MW2.
What's wrong with exploding crossbows? Or WaW? It wasn't as good as some other CoD games but it was still fun and the zombie modes were awesome...

Duel wield is a blast! I only have it on one custom kit. I have the sprint and commando and run around crazy with dual P90's. I die alot that way but it's fun to change things up. Oh, and dual Magnums is awesome!