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War ravaged countries? From the religion of peace?

You know, the real useful thing about religion is it's ability to control people. I think it's all fairy tales, but if you actually believe it it can be a powerful motivator in your life. I think some drug addicts, criminals, etc. can really benefit from religion.

However, in Islam this power to control seems to be used quite often to foster warfare and violence. Shouldn't the religion of peace foster...I don't know...PEACE, even in areas where the people are uneducated and poor? The afterlife rewards of Martyrdom are a powerful motivator for such people. Why would the religion of peace offer such rewards rather than, say, afterlife rewards for peacemakers? Because it is not a religion of peace.

Keep in mind that the Afghans consider Al Queda foreigners, and many of it's leaders and high-level operatives (e.g. 9/11 hijackers) were actually quite well educated.