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Prediction vs. expectation

Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
In your poll, you predicted the motor would make 430-439, I said 410-419.

Who had unrealistic expectations?

I get it now. If someone disagrees with you, they are whining.
Sure I over-predicted, that is totally different than whining about reality once it becomes known, and different than whining about a great success. Whining has nothing to do with disagreeing. Just tell me, are people (not nec. you) whining or not?

This plant is easily capable of the 430 number. I honestly thought we would see about 108 hp/l from this engine. Scott has already said he has seen it dyno at the 426 number we heard a lot about. Secondly it may be a bit under rated. Marketing, not engineering makes the final call on hp specs! Next this plant has to last for some time including a likely CSL. With nothing much other than bumping the redline a few hunderd I'm sure it'll put out 430. All that aside about why I predicted what I did I indeed overestimated what BMW would publish, I guessed and I was wrong, period. Does that direct admission make you happy?.... It's still fun guessing.

Any way you look at it the motor is great, it will suit the car and drivetrain (once they release a damn 7sp ZSG), and it is going to seriously

And I still say to those who are - STOP WHINING.