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Originally Posted by gongalongas View Post
I'll take another stab at this. Has anyone have good experiences with South BMW? I'm planning on spending in the 60k neighborhood, so I may just end up trying to get a new one, so I guess the scope of my question has expanded a bit. I talked to someone at Braman again today and he kind of blew me off, and I got a weird vibe that it's because I wasn't in the market for a new car.

The guy at South seemed way more interested in my business. If he wasn't enthusiastic about getting me in a used one, he sure did a way better job of hiding it than the guy at Braman. Depending on what kind of deal they can swing I may buy a new one from them, but I have a feeling I may be shopping for this car for a few months. Anyway, I'm curious what experiences other people have had with different dealerships, both with sales and service.
I bough mine in Lauderlale pembroke pines and have had the best experience ever. Much better than Braman or South