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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Hold on- many Afghan Muslims have extensive Madrasas where the memorize the Koran all day. They believe that's all they really need to know. If the book really was written by God, it probably would be. How's that working out for them? If that's the basis of their knowledge, and Islam is a peaceful religion as is constantly claimed, Afghanistan should be pretty peaceful, no?

Yes they have education in their religion but they are being taught something different from other muslims. They can memorize the Quran but its in Arabic so they have no clue what they are reading.

Their understanding of Islam is what their teacher tells them. Those teachers are pretty much brainwashing people with their own view of Islam. Probably similar to how that Pastor in Florida probably preaches about hate. This whole jihadic view of Islam was probably created to fight the Russians in Afghanistan or Israel. They used religion to fight a war... Now there are some that are again using religion to fight. Its much easier to persuade people to fight in a war when you use religion plus you get fighters from all over the globe.

Now if we keep up this BS hate in the U.S. and talk about burning Qurans etc, this is all just fueling those jihadic views overseas and eventually planting seeds for some that are in the U.S. watching those jihad videos online (youtube etc). On top of that, if this NYC Mosque isn't built, they will also use it as propaganda in every way possible.

Is Islam a peaceful religion? Yes because majority of muslims are not on a jihad to kill non believers.

Since you probably only heard about Afghanistan after 9/11 like MOST Americans. The problem in Afghanistan is not religious, its ethnic divide.