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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Although I am on the opposite coast, I have driven with the PS2s in cold (near freezing) wet conditions and, IMO, they are way too slippery. These tires become hockey pucks anywhere near freezing temps. Unless you never drove the M3 in freezing weather, I would get a set of high performance winters. Just my opinion.

Thanks. You folks in eastern Canada have things somewhat worse that we do here when it comes to winter. (Excluding the mountain areas of course). We do get lowland snow and ice but it's fairly rare, mostly predictable, but surprise storms do occur.

Thanks for the opinion re the HI performance winter, that or a Hi performance All season are options. It's the 35-40 degree Hockey puck problem I'm wondering how best to deal with

Too bad you can't test drive tires. I'd like a quiet long lasting tire with good wet/cold pavement performance. Maybe have to give up some of the dry performance of the PS2, but I'm hardly pushing the PS2's to the limit. I Don't absolutely need the snow/ice traction of the full winter tire.

So what are the local PACNW folks doing regarding winter tires for the M3 who don't absolutely need to drive in snow and ice.