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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
The concensus is the lower the tire profile, the better handling, right? We all know F1 cars have the highest cornering ability of any car by far, right? So why do they wear such tall tires??? Couldn't find the full size designation anywhere, but they look like at least a 60 aspect ratio in the front and 50 in the rear. What's surprising is how little flex they show, even at cornering forces exceeding 3Gs. Just curious at the explanation.

And yes, I wonder why the wheels are not bigger with lower profile tires, which would allow bigger brakes/rotors while maintaining the same diameter. Most race (and performance) cars follow that formula, no?
You don't want to fit bigger stuff on an f1 car, they fit the smallest everything possible, their clutches will literally fit in the palm of your hand.