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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
I for one am glad that Ferrari didn't receive any further penalties.

It seems really silly to me that in a sport where the rules state that the 2 cars that the constructors field have to have 95% identical paint jobs. And there is a lso a championship for the constructors, that is separate from the drivers championship. So why do they impose a rule that doesn't allow the teams to work as one cohesive unit, when they have many other rules in place that FORCES the team to act as a unit? Sound very contradictory to me.

Oh and also, to see what might have been the outcome of the German GP for Ferrari, if they hadn't asked Massa to move over, just see the Bahrain GP and Vettel's attempted pass on Webber.
No there's no rules stopping them from working for the team, the team order is to keep the drivers championship separate from the constructors. Being let past your teamate for a 1-2 instead of a 2-1 doesn't do anything for the team, just the driver.