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Originally Posted by forza1976 View Post
Team orders have been around forever.
Adultery has also been around forever; does that make it acceptable? So what's your point: Just follow the rules you want? Or just the ones that haven't been 'around forever'? That 'cheating' mentality is what gets a lot of folks in trouble, be it marriage, business, taxes, etc. And yes, those folks are compulsive liers that think they can get away with it. But the worst kind are the ones who expect employees/subordinates/associates/etc. to cover for them, or like politicians like to call it, being 'loyal'. If everybody had that mentality, we'd be in the toilet now. Seems trivial, but it's not: nobody likes rules, but imagine if nobody followed any? It's a freaking rule is in place, you need to follow it. If you don't like it, get it changed.... if you can. That's the same way society works. Okay, rant off. Hope you got my point .

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