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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
It's not any one thing that I really didn't feel (well except maybe the floormats, I assume you went to UGA), it's the whole combination. IMO if you stick to a single theme it will improve the whole flow of things. Like choose either just the green or the blue calipers. But like you say it is your car and of course you should do what you like.
Again, Thanks for looking and the comments. As written in my original text of the post the mats are from my two English Bulldogs and not UGA. However, UGA does always have a great looking English Bulldog as their mascot. You mentioned the whole flow of things with the car, ie. the blue and green calipers. I am looking at it differently. Why should a car have to flow from one side to the other. I mean if you look at the car from any angle there is not one single view where you can see the two colors at once. That is exactly what I like about it and that there are in essence two separate flows to the car. I know I am thinking different from the masses, but why not. Like you said, it is about what we like, so that is ultimately why I have modded the car the way I have.

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I give you props Larry for taking all the positive and negative criticism in stride. Nice attitude!

As far as the color digital cameras want to make black a midtone or grey color. The flash makes it worse. If you have exposure compensation you can take care of this or just shoot in manual mode. You need to under expose basically a largely black scene to accurately reproduce black. The same thing happens with white but just the opposite.
Thanks for the comments! I try to see everyone's opinion equally. Everybody is different and that is exactly why I like to post up my mods. Everyone should see what is possible and that you don't have to mod your car the same way that others are modding. We are all individuals and have individual likes and dislikes. We all look at things differently and I have actually acted on some of my ideas and modded to my liking.

Yes, I will admit that my camera or its settings are not the most ideal for shoot pictures of the interior. I do need to pick up a DSLR and also some classes or books for it. I would love to capture the pictures the same color hue and lighting as the in-person view, but I am just not there with my camera skills. Maybe a proper photographer needs come shoot my car. Any takers?

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impressive shots

Originally Posted by ooowowizstev View Post
Must have cost a pretty penny!
Thanks! It did, but it is worth if considering all that is involved.

Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post

Originally Posted by username11 View Post
Acura Integra Type R interior upside down.
Thanks for looking and comments! I do remember the Integra Type R and that was more of a Black with Red stitching, but I get the idea. BTW, I thought that car was the shizz when it first came out!

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Dude my bad, but what are you thinking running two different wheels???
Thanks for looking and comments! As I have mention in some of my previous threads and posts within this thread, I have created two different looks for the same car. Think about it, you can only see two wheels at a time. The wheels are the same size and almost the same weight(2oz difference), so there is no performance issues. I do like both styles and the two different looks to the car. Some people change their wheels a few times per year as they get tired of the same look, but with two different looks to the car and almost a year of this setup I am not yet tired of it.

Originally Posted by SlammedM6 View Post
he already mentioned it is NOT purple, his Point N Shoot camera just sucks
Thanks! Exactly, I need a better camera and some better skills! Maybe someone can offer to do a photoshoot that has a better camera and skills? Any takers?

Originally Posted by HebrewhaM3r View Post
I missed it,I'm lazy hehe the carpet and floor mats look black in those pics tho,that's odd.
Thanks for looking and the comments. It has to do with when I was using the flash vs. not using the flash. Again, I need someone to do a proper photoshoot that has a better camera and skills.

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i dont really like that interior at all
Thanks for looking and comments!
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