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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
All I can say is my opinion of these matters are already stated. Let's just agree to disagree. I feel that you still keep saying "Islam should do this", "Islam should do that" etc. and I cannot make you understand Islam is just a religion. It does not think/feel/act for itself.
Agree to disagree? Tell me: what is the punishment for Apostacy as instructed by the Koran?

Islam is a group of people with common beliefs and practices. That's like saying you can't suggest a certain country, or company, can't take actions.

I think muslims should promote it in the best possible ways, however, you cannot say Islam is at fault for not defending itself. At the end of the day we are all smart enough to know that just because a minority of the population of 1.5bn muslims are involved in terrorism that has NO REFELECTION on the religion itself.
According to you, I can't say Islam can be at fault for anything since it is not a person. Islam does not NEED to defend itself from cartoon or burning books, and it should not defend itself by killing innocent people, including children, apostates, or those who've commited non-lethal crimes. Whether you like it or not, this DOES reflect on Islam, and quite poorly.

For example, small minorities within US and UK armed forces have been known to abuse their powers and do disgusting things yet it would be unfair to let this affect the image of the rest of the forces. I know you are trying to say that terrorism is a huge problem but it is still a MINORITY population of muslims. Also it doesnt matter how big the problem is because the religion is there to follow. If people abuse it you cannot associate them with Islam and then blame the teachings of the religion.
When a military member does something bad, they get into serious trouble. The military polices it's own.

I've repeatedly agreed that the problem-people in Islam is a minority, so stop bringing it up as though we disagree. My problem is
1) This minority of 1.5B people is a LOT of people
2) The rest of them don't do much to control or subdue this minority
3) Their actions are justifiable under the Koran, and they believe the Koran is the word of Allah

Also, the reason why Islam gets such a bad name is because of the media. All you ever hear is "Islamic terrorist" this and that. When do you ever see the media showing normal daily routines of the 1.5bn strong muslim population across the world? NEVER. We do have TV channels and write books and hold events, but this is not in the front of peoples minds because they dont even know. They only know what they hear in the media.
The media is responsible for 9/11, Sunni/Shia conflict, suicide bombers, and sharia brutality? Wow- I had no idea. Reporting something =/= causing something. The news didn't report how I spent my evening last night, but I'm sure they'd report on me if I did a suicide bombing.

Also, one final point. So many things that happen have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Muslims fighting amongst eachother has nothing to do with any sort of teaching in Islam. Actually, in Islam it is forbidden for muslims to fall out and stop talking for longer than 3 days never mind mind VIOLENCE against eachother or other people in general. Muslims have civil wars just like any other religion or people. Even in the west people fight amongst eachother, catholics/protestants etc. It has nothing to do with teachings of religion. It has everything to do with human weakness that we resort to violence when we disagree.
Muslims fighting each other has EVERYTHING to do with Islam- what aught to have been a minor dispute on who was to fill Mohommad's shoes after he died. 1400 years later, primitives are still killing each other over this ridiculous disagreement about a magic man.

So...please tell me...
1) What is the punishment for apostacy in the Koran?
2) Why do you believe Mohommad actually talked to Allah in the cave?

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