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Originally Posted by fugginfazt View Post
Someone convince me otherwise:

E92 335 fully loaded 48K

E92 M3 base 60k

To get a 335 even close in performance:
procede 1500
suspension 2500
LSD 3500
lightweight interior and body panels 5500
Etc. Etc.

Seems to me your gonna spend that 15 to 20k difference just to catch up to the M3's
street capabilities, and you will still get spanked on the track
If you are so inclined to increase the already stellar performance of the 335i to match or exceed the M3's, it wouldn't be hard and certainly wouldn't cost that much money.

Forget lightweight panels. BMW introduced the N54 to save weight and fuel. You really think the V8 in the M3 will be light?

The only reasons (logically) to buy the new M3 would be:

1. styling
2. badge
3. to have everything come out of the box, albeit on the very heavy side

A properly modified 335i would yield a lower price, insurance premium, and fuel bill, all while equaling or surpassing the M3's performance in a less pretentious package. Sounds like a winner to me.