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I think it is mostly about having fun and giving the player more options and different challenges. It is not to be taken so seriously. These games have never claimed to be war simulators. They are just games. They need to give a lot of different ways of doing the same damn thing in order to make you want to keep playing. I often just use a knife, or only use a handgun or shotgun to change things up. Any monkey can take people out with a good Assault rifle or LMG. It is true that these new weapons are not ones that would be used by blackops in real life, but this is a game. They are trying to make it more fun.

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Ballistic knife? Exploding crossbow? Akimbo/dual wield weapons?

Treyarch, as usual, has gone full retard.

I didn't like WaW, didn't even keep it. I traded it in on MW2. Now, I don't play these games online, so I don't have to worry about 10 year old hackers or getting killed at 100 yards by a thrown knife.....

Oh, and I hate the stupid akimbo/dual wield weapons in MW2 too.
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