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Originally Posted by sflgator View Post
1. PROcede is $1,300
2. Although an LSD would be very beneficial, I'm not totally convicned that it's absolutely necessary
for fugg

1 you dont know the m3 will only be 60k base

2 if your going to compare them dont compare fully loaded to bare, compare fully loaded to fully loaded

for sf

if you want to have even a chance of beating an m3 on a track and lsd is absolute

counter a 0-60 4.5 sec? who the hell cares about that?

its almost always going to be more expensive to mod a comparable car to be faser than a more expensive one (i dont meen civic vs 335 thats not comaprable) its cheaper for BMW to do it then you

even a fully modded 335 with every thing you can put in it is not going to compare to the new M3, say otherwise and your just dreaming; maybe if you could swap the turbos and run even more boost but then you really risk blowing your engine and a whole new set of mods would be required

also theres no way youll be able to defeat that beautiful high revving v8 sound ::cums::