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Here's my take. First of all, it's practically impossible for any Ferrari driver to win, and same goes for Ferrari as a constructor. Unless that happens, then that decision would become a factor. Second of all, with all the negative press and ridicule, not to mention dragging the bosses to a hearing, I really doubt they'd do it again, extra penalty or not. But do they deserve to get further penalized? Absolutely, and I hope they do.

They agreed to race with the current rules, whether they like them or not. Just like all of us have to follow rules at work, when we drive, how we behave (social rules), etc. They were the equivalent of a rich bully: 'Hey, I can do whatever the hell I want, and if I get caught, 'daddy' bails me out'. It's definitely NOT the right message at any level. If you agree to race under certain conditions, YOU FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES . And what pisses me off more than anything is insulting everybody's intelligence by arguing they made no orders; at least have the freaking balls to admit the obvious. Okay, rant off .

Hey, please post results of the hearing .

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