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Originally Posted by Javi335 View Post
Oooooh, mr. tolerance forgets about 11-m or the London explosions. Did that solved any problems for they?

Can you imagine a radical spaniard group bombing netherlands for ask Flandes to be Spain territory like Al-Qaeda claims for Andalucia region? do you, fuckin stupid tea drinker?
9/11 and 7/7 were events carried out by terrorists, not muslims and def not representing the religion or the majority of muslims' beliefs. Terrorism has been widely hated by muslims across the world.

However, for dicks like you terrorism and islam seem to be the same thing and you use that mentality to justify burning the Quran. Actually in your previous post you said that noone deals with the problem directly i.e. muslims/islam and suggested that maybe burning the Quran would solve it.

You got the problem WRONG and the solution even more WRONG. Anyway, you say Islam is wrong and I say you are wrong. Everyone likes to think they are right but doesnt mean they actually are.