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I see your point of view fully... and I had thought about elaborating on it in my original post. These people have rights... and if they want to burn copies of the Quran, then so be it. I guess where I take issue is the spin that "it's a church that wants to do it" rather than "some guy and his 50 followers want to do it".

It's nothing new that things like this and even entire wars are fought over religion... but if this guy is in fact religious and he's doing it in the name of God, what about that bit of scripture "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."?

Maybe it's the selective interpretation of the bible that is pissing me off.

In my home town (rural Southern Illinois) there was a super conservative group of Southern Baptists that literally during a sermon (I was there with a friend casually) said that all of the gays should be killed since they were an abomination. Statements like that are a bit hypocritical when one of the fundamental commandments is "thou shalt not kill".

So to paraphrase, "Praise God" out of one side of the mouth while "kill those mother fuckers" is being spewn out of the other...

Anyway.. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of organized religion but I hate it when idiots like this are giving the good people a bad name.