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I'm not sure if you all read the whole article, but the irony is thick.

By no means should anyone who claims to be a christian organize a demonstration of this nature. I'm glad he only has about 50 followers at that so called church.

But when you consider the political point of view it really makes America seem like a big pussy. I mean you don't see americans ready to invade the embassy of a country who's people recently burned an American flag or posted a video of our country men being publicly mutilated and hung for all to see. After all the freedom America provides to all of it's citizens (and non citizens) gives him the right do burn what ever books he wants to. The irony i see is that the powers at be will typically say of an american publicly defiling an american flag; it's the american freedom which allows them to that. But when an american threatens to burn a religious book all the powers at be say that it's wrong.

More disturbing is why they say it's wrong. they don't want him to do it because they fear the WORLD WIDE repercussions or as they stated retaliations of Islamic people. I find it disturbing because of everyone who applauds the peaceful muslim religion, yet fear the lethal repercussions that may come on all americans world wide because of the actions of one jackass.

I mean you have a crap load of religious leaders having a summit about this issue and what will happen around the world if this guy goes through with his intentions.
The Vatican newspaper on Tuesday published an article in which Catholic bishops, including Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha of Lahore, Pakistan, criticized Jones' plan.
"No one burns the Quran," read the headline in Tuesday's L'Osservatore Romano
Do you think that muslims would be worried about what would happen to the people of islam if one muslim burned a bunch of bibles? Hell, you could even make it a normal muslim guy, not even an "extremest" and most americans wouldn't give two craps about what they did. But should one christian extremest who has maybe 300 people who will openly share his views burn some Qurans and death will rain down upon all americans and christians world wide. Even the the friggin general who commands the worlds most powerful army fears the wrath of islam should their book be burned. You can bet your ass that the Vatican news paper wouldn't publish a paper where the headline would read "No one burns the Bible" if a muslim were planning on burning some bibles.

Really? America's stones are that small?

Again, i'm fully against the actions this idiot wants to take, but i'm also prepared to sit by idly because it's his constitutional right to do so. And i kinda feel like America should make the world aware that this persons freedom of speech will not be impeded upon. This is America, and for at least a little while longer; The land of the Free!
"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Charles de Secondat"