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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Like I said in my original post, if the sound is not to your liking, then by all means, tweak it to your liking. Thats why there is the treble and bass settings left for you guys to adjust.

The EQ should remain the way it is, if you desire more crisp highs, turn up the treble. If you want more thump, turn up the bass. Please keep in mind these settings are done with a moderately high volume, so if you are the type that listens to music on a lower volume usually, then you will certainly need to adjust the treble/bass settings.
What is the logic behind only adjusting the bass and treble if the sound is not to their liking? Shouldn't they just be adjusting the EQ as needed to fit their preferences? The bass and treble control is just another EQ band centered at an unknown frequency with an unknown Q. More than likely it is a low Q (wide bandwidth) filter that will affect more than one of the frequencies already adjusted by the EQ settings. Typically, bass and treble controls are centered at 100Hz and 10kHz respectively.
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