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Corvette C6 Grand Sport - a great vehicle, which is actually a great value, a serious contender for my soon to be fun car, but I'm also a Corvette addict!

BMW e92 M3 - All I can say is wow... I have dreamt about owning an M3 since I saw my first red on black leather e30 M3 back in the 90s. Finally got to try one decked out in Melbourne Red with the Black extended Novillo Leather it was a great car, the CF roof is really cool, and it handles even better than I could have dreamt. Power was great and I live the look of the e92!

CTS 3.6DI Coupe - was really disappointed. At this price point, the interior could have been better sorted. It is full of the cheap plastic finishes that I had in my last SAAB, and those maintained their finish for a few months. The seats are too wide for my liking (and I'm not a small guy by any stretch). It was too quiet for my liking couldn't really even tell it was running... the other two were nice and loud, you definately knew there was something under the bonnet. They assured me that the V is a beast but none were to be had so... I'm likely just going to cross CTS off the list... The other issue is that the angular styling doesn't do it for my. I like more fluid styling.

I also tried out a Nissan Altima for the gf, was really disappointed, for a car that is marketed as a sporty coupe, it was certainly a snore, the CVT really killed what could have otherwise been a great car. The steering was numb and the suspension was a bit too soft even with the sport pack... But she liked that burgundy colour, this one isn't my choice so we'll see... if it was me a FWD car would not make the cut.

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