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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
I feel like with a DCT you wont do as much damage because everything is computerized.
Do enough launches and you'd eventually burn them. The only thing the computer is going to prevent is a mechanical overrev, which is a good thing . The computer still has to slip the clutch at every start, and the harder you start, the more wear on the clutch(es). My curiosity with DCT is if the computer slips the clutch constantly when crawling in traffic (let's say 5 mph), or leaves it fully engaged like many of us do to minimize clutch wear. Other than that, gear changes are much quicker on DCTs, so wear concerns are basically limited to 1st gear. My guess is if the clutch can be serviced, it'd be the whole pack (both), even if only the 1-3-5 clutch is worn out.

I say there's no way in hell BMW can get away with charging 9 grand for a tranny when just the clutches are worn out but we'll see soon enough.

Kenwelch, thanks for those pics. Hey, those look like DRY multi-plate clutches to me , but maybe I'm wrong. Motorcycles have 'wet' clutches that look just like that, but contrary to public belief, they're NOT submerged in oil, nor they even touch it in the sump; they only get splashed with it. Now I'm curious how DCTs work in that respect. Good evening.

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