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I hate technology

My moms laptop hasn't been booting CD's for over a week now. I've needed to install a new OS too so the thing was unusable. After putting probably over 10 hours into mindless nerd work trying to fix this thing, I just figured out all I had to do was blow the fucking dust out of the CD drive.

Jesus Christ.

Reminds me of this one time in 7th grade, I was building a gaming PC for my friend from scratch. I had it all set up, then i went to throw in the XP dics to install (3 discs).

So disc one, in, disc two, in, disc three... where is disc three? There was no disc 3 in sight and it kept prompting me to enter disc three....

So we spent about a week trying to figure this out- running back and forth to dumb ass computer stores, and finally, I figured out somehow out of frustration, that disc three was DISC ONE!

WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUT 1 in then TWO then put back in ONE!?!? why not just load all the 2 info onto disc one?!

fuck you microsoft. /end rant