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Notables from the Press Release

Definately getting a Power button
- Precisely this is why the driver of the new BMW M3 is also able, simply
by pressing the Power Button on the selector lever cover, to activate an even more sporting and dynamic driving program. This provides an even more progressive control map for accelerator travel acting on the throttle butterfly opening, with the dynamic transition functions on electronic engine
management showing an even more direct, spontaneous response.

Air Intake
- To minimise weight, finally, both the intake funnels and air collector are made of a light composite material with a 30 per cent share of glass-fibre.

- From front to rear, the entire flow of intake air in the new eight-cylinder power unit does not require the usual hot-film air mass flow meter with its obligatory sensors. Instead of determining engine load by means of such elaborate sensors, therefore, which would also create disadvantages in air guidance due to the geometry of the components involved, the V8 power unit of the new BMW M3 uses the engine control unit to perform this function.

- The three 32-bit processors are in a position to handle more than 200 million individual operations a second, taking, for example, more than 50 incoming signals to calculate the optimum ignition timing individually for each cylinder and operating cycle, the ideal cylinder charge, the injection volume and
injection timing.

4 catalyst converters. Should be some decent gains on aftermarket exhausts by eliminating two of the converters.