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Originally Posted by WillC310 View Post

He had his engine warranty voided by BMW because he tampered with his ECU. It's possible he had a shitty motor to begin with, but it didn't help that the ECU was reprogrammed. He's also got a few other threads up too. Sadly BMW never covered him.
I don't see what he proved in that post that would lead you to conclude that it was "sad" that BMW didn't cover him. I know he *said* he had bent valves, but unless I'm missing a post, I didn't see anything proving that.

He also never indicated who tuned his car, or what specific information the regional rep gave him. He easily could have had a shitty tune which blew out his ringlands...he could have money-shifted the engine. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong here.

But, like I said, you are really taking full responsibility for your car if you start messing with the programing. But if you buy the programing from a reputable tuner, I think your chances of encountering issues are very low.