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Originally Posted by schoy View Post
I don't get why people are comparing Obama to Bush. The choice that Americans had was never Obama vs Bush, but Obama vs. McCain (or some other person you voted for instead). I wish the Obama supporters would stop defending their President by saying "well our President was better than the last one ..." -- it seems to me that the argument is completely irrelevant.
My 2 cents:

The comparisons are made because there is so much overlap between this administration and the last. The current administration inherited two wars, a nearly bankrupt financial system, a fallen housing market, etc, etc. I think you'd be hard pressed to find another instance where this has ocurred in the past, so because of all the carryover people like to make comparisons.

Clearly Bush started the two wars; Iraq by choice and Afghanistan by neccessity, but you can't blame him for the housing collapse and the corresponding financial crisis. Nor can he be blamed for the automotive issues.

In fact, the real culprits regarding the housing debacle were Fannie/Freddie, congress, and wall street. Greed is contagious.

Just remember that all administrations make mistakes. Bush made his and Obama will/has make/made his. If you are unhappy with things then just vote accordingly.

No need for anyone to resort to name calling as it nullifies the validity of any points you try to make.

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