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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
no, I've already stated I don't think he's perfect. But he's exponentially better in my opinion than the last president in the oval office.

Do you even know what you're talking about regarding big banking? Do you realize what happens when the fed does nothing when the financial industry is about to collapse? Look back to 1929-1933 when the Fed did nothing and even tightened up credit after the economic collapse in 1929. I'm guessing you also have a problem with the bail out of the Big 3 auto makers? Do you understand what happens to not only the U.S Economy but the world economy if Ford, GM, Chrysler, and AIG implode? You do realize that those are loans with the expectation of being paid back, right? They aren't grants.

This is the problem. You get people that don't understand all the details and draw conclusions based on misinformation from FOX news.

Do you have a job right now? Are you enjoying the benefits of employment and discretionary spending? Because I guarantee you we'd all be up shit creek right now with the "excessive government" spending that was necessary to save all our asses in late 2008 and early 2009. In fact, most economist will state what the fed (Obama appointed) did prevented an economic collapse of the likes we have never before seen.

Regarding BP, yes it could have been better. There should have been more pressure on BP to accept responsibility. But it was still infinitely better than W's handling of Katrina.

Do you not think that we deserve better, regardless of this clown or the last one that was in the oval office? How much longer can you play the "well, he's better than W" card? I will say that given our choices, yes, this guy won, big deal. But can you honestly say that Obama is good for the future of America? I'm pretty sure not...

He basically rode the dead cat bounce of this market. Sad as it is, the economy and the US is in it's current state IN SPITE of him. You think that govt intervention creates true economic growth or is it just a facade that provides a boost in poll numbers? I almost hope he gets re-elected so he can then "claim" the credit for this false bottom.