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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
Slight correction. The "tea party" initially called themselves "Tea Baggers". No joke.
Originally Posted by MONSTER11 View Post
It's all about government take over... How in the hell could any sane person be for that? Please answer, I'm curious.
This is perfect example of why I am sick of this shit.

I don't care what they originally called themselves. While I don't like the Tea Party, I am not going to go mudslinging. They call themselves the Tea Party now and that is what I will call them.

And monster, you show no respect for another persons views of the matter. You think that your view is the correct one and any other persons view makes them insane or stupid or something. In my view, the government buying GM Corporations good assets have been a good thing. GM is now profitable and doing relatively well. And as shown a couple weeks ago, the steps to GM becoming public again has been taken with the filing of the IPO and the government will be selling its equity in GM. I also believe that there needs to be some kind of protectionism in our country. Now nothing like Japan's or South Korea's policy, but you can't just let our industry go the way of the dodo and be dependent on foreign companies for our products. No one could tell us how letting GM and Chrysler go under would have effect the industry. Would it pull Ford under as well? How about the suppliers? The economy is in a state where it could not absorb the huge loss. You can't let the free market go unchecked. We learned this lesson right now with our current recession. There needs to be regulation. There can't be too much regulation, but there needs to be some. There needs to be a balance between protectionism and the free market. We need to find it. We can't go to either extreme.

Now that is my opinion and you might disagree which is fine. But, I wish I would not be called insane, stupid, etc because of our differing opinions and view points

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