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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
Hey Tough Guy,

Stem Cells jumped first to my mind because that was one of the first things Obama did when taking office. IMO, with having a brother with a spinal injury due to a motorcycle accident, it was one of the best things Obama has done. Of course there's a ton of other things. Just see Negotiators post.

Let me guess, do you actually believe the government is out to get you and take over everything? Do you really believe that is their agenda?
First off, I am now seriously thinking of change my name from MONSTER11 to TOUGH GUY. Thank you for that... What do you think Obama, Pelosi, Reed and countless others want... More power of course, which translates to government trying to take over every aspect of our lives.
Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Maybe you could answer how deficit spending is any different than pushing things into the hands of the government anyway? You act like Republican hands aren't just as dirty as Democrats.
Never said that... I just think the democrats are taking this country in the total opposite way that our founders would have wanted and the majority of Americans want.