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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
The bailouts which Bush and the previous Congress( while Democrats had majority, it was a slim majority which nothing could have been passed without Republican support) started. So why are you blaming Obama for that? Bush started the bank bailouts and auto bailouts. Obama simply took over that. The versions of the stimulus bill and healthcare bill we all got was all because the Republicans were being partisan shitbags and was unwilling to meet in the middle. The Democrats put in measures the Republicans wanted in the stimulus bill. And one of the measures the Democrats took was reduce the amount of the money that was going to be allocated to our AGING AND FALLING APART infrastructure. That was to appease the Republicans. Even when they did all that, the Republicans still voted no. With the Healthcare bill, the Democrats showed some kind of willingness to meet in the middle and the Republicans said, " FUCK YOU!". And because of that, the public option was removed and now we are required to buy health insurance from for profit private institutions trying to make money off our health. Fuck that and I put blame on both sides. Republicans for being obstructionists and the Democrats having no fucking balls to push the public option through after it was clear the Republicans were going to do nothing, but get in the way of any kind of healthcare reform.

I voted for Obama. I do not regret my vote. He is better then McCain/Palin( especially Palin). Now I am not entirely happy with Obama's job right now in office. It goes back to my Democrats having no balls comment. He tried so hard to reach across the aisle, nothing got done. He didn't show leadership or balls and telling the Republicans to fuck off after attempts to come to the table. Is he better then Bush? Hell yeah! Has he changed the way we play politics in DC? Fuck no. Still the same shit as always. Does he deserve a second term? I don't know. I know I am not voting for him again( I am not voting at all. No party deserves my vote right now).

I think the auto bailouts have been his biggest success with credit going to Bush as well for starting the process. While the oil spill could have been handled better, he still made BP take responsibility and pay for everything, etc( with that $20 billion account BP had to pay into).

Overall, I am sick of politics. I am sick of this partisanship. The Republicans are controlled by the extremists of the party, the Democrats have no balls, and the Tea Party is a tool. As already demonstrated in this thread, neither side is being respectful about the differing view points. Our government is broken and there is no fix in sight. Pretty much, we're fucked and we'll be joining Ancient Rome within 50 years I would say.
Slight correction. The "tea party" initially called themselves "Tea Baggers". No joke.

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