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Depends what you mean by 'take'. I'm no expert, and all the following is 'hear-say', so entirely at your risk!

The feeling in the UK is that the chassis will take a lot extra, but the brakes are 'pants' - AP Racing is one popular mod to prevent fade, if pads matched to use. Transmission (man or SMG) is said to be strong. Engine (provided you are later than, or through, the bottom end problems) is, they say, OK for more than 500 bhp but since the standard engine is already highly tuned you need a supercharger to get there (over here there are still problems with charge cooling. I believe).

'Easy' improvements are chip and exhaust, but don't expect miracles - we are talking perhaps 10-15 bhp for the chip alone, 30-40 with exhaust too. If I did it, it would be for driveability rather than the extra power - standard is sufficient oomph for my needs.