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Originally Posted by sly335i View Post
Nearly everyone has heard about someone who has taken a vehicle that has been modified with aftermarket parts to a dealer for warranty service, only to have the dealer refuse to cover the defective items. The dealer usually states that because of the aftermarket parts the warranty is void, without even attempting to determine whether the aftermarket part caused the problem.

This is illegal.

Vehicle manufacturers are not allowed to void the vehicle warranty just because aftermarket parts are on the vehicle.
There's a good sticky thread here:

Read post #81. IMO it's a very accurate assesment re: "performance" parts (point #2) -- which could be considered a subset of an "aftermarket" part. A full race exhaust could easily be interpreted as a performance part (same as a SC kit, ECU tune, etc) since it's more than just a replacement.

BMW has probably been fucked in the ass way too many times by owners doing stupid shit to their cars and then having to pay. Don't get wrong, I've heard of completely retarded things such as one guy that changed out his steering wheel and shifter and later had his turbo blow up (I think he had Evo or WRX). Guess what the mfg said? Your aftermarket part caused it. Any rational human being with any mechanical/car knowledge would go WTF! Guess what? He had to go to court. He'll probably win since it's completly retarded (unless his lawyer is a complete dipshit) but the whole time his car sat around broken.