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Sorry for the late update guys, I have been extremely busy for the last couple days. Okay, so lets set the date on Sept 25th at 11:30AM for now. If anything comes up or the weather turns out bad, then we can move to 26th or maybe have to cancel it. Sorry, since there are more ppl voted for the 25th. And there are more FOR SURE ppl that cant make on the Sunday BBQ (Scollins, Andrew and v8amg), so....

drinks (preferred in icebox)--> flyingcesar / hun77777 / ebisu8 / thwgw24
snacks (chips, jerky, etc) --> Johnny Lin / ebisu8
disposable cups, plates --> flyingcesar
disposable napkins, paper towel --> Johnny Lin
disposable knifes and forks --> fred2167
Sausage (preferred both Würst and regular...) or hamburger patty --> daheechang
Buns (hot dog buns and/or hamburger buns) --> 245 sleeper / Mookster
Condiment (Lettuce, Onion, pickles, relish...) --> Mookster
ketchup and mustard, BBQ sauce etc... --> vladdy328
Chips and Dips (Salsa, cheese, etc) --> ACS M3
Grills (at least 2 or more from previous experiences) --> ericsmc83 / Phil Su
Garbage bag for clean up after... --> hun77777
Ice Cream... -->

1. Johnny Lin- AW E92 M3- Johnny- bimmerpost
2. flyingcesar- E90 335I- bimmerpost
3. hun77777- Gray E92 335i- Dave- bimmerpost
4. ericsmc83- Blue E92 335i- Eric- bimmerpost
5. TTG- AW E92 M3- Ted- bimmerpost
6. asdflkijd- E90 335i- Alex- bimmerpost- maybe
7. 10bmw10- 335i- bimmerpost
8. ACS M3- Gray E46 M3- AL- bimmerpost
9. 245 sleeper-Black E93 335i- bimmerpost
10. vladdy328- 2007 E92- Vlad- bimmerpost
11. ebisu8- E92 328i- Dom- bimmerpost
12. daheechang- Matt White E90 335i- Andrew- bimmerpost
13. Status Quo- Gray E30 M3- bimmerforums- maybe
14. JEROM3- Silver EE46 M3- m3forum
15. fred2167- Black E90 325i- Fred- bimmerpost
16. v8amg- Black C55 AMG- bimmerpost
17. felixtjandra- Silver E90 335i- Felix- bimmerpost
18. thwgw24- Black E90 335i- George- bimmerpost
19. Phil Su- E92 335i- Phil- bimmerpost
20. Mookster- AW E46 M3- Mookie- bimmerpost
21. jibaholic101- AW 135i- Alex- bimmerpost (maybe)
22. Testarossa E92- Red E92 328i- bimmerpost
23. scollins- White X5- Scollins- bimmerpost
24. mickaphely- TiAg E46 M3- Mike- e46fanatics
25. benr33tz- Silver E46 325i- Ben- e46fanatics
26. highf1yinazn- JB E46 M3- Novan- e46fanatics
27. moog55- Gray E92 M3- Peter- bimmerpost