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i have it. i love the design (i think it's the best looking one so far). i think the fitment is perfect. BUT i do not like the quaility. i have the one-sided one and if i were to have installed it right after i got it, i would've been really unhappy. maybe it's because i got it right after it was made, but it was coming apart at the top...the area where the piece that attaches to the the bumper meets the rest of the diffusor. the glue was exposed and in some areas, there wasn't any and you could see right through to the other side. nate @ C&C came to the rescue and saved the diffusor by molding the area and making it look like one piece.

AGAIN...i love the look, i just don't like the build. MAYBE i just got a really bad one. i'm open to giving them the benefit of the doubt because i like the look and fitment, but it was really bad.

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