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Originally Posted by cardebt View Post
Does DSG give you the kick in back when you upshift like SMG? That is the feeling I love about SMG and would hope it isn't lost with DSG. Also, I have heard that the down shift is considerably slower (probably already mentioned) is this true? What I am hearing is smoothness in Auto mode is only real advantage? SMG Auto mode is really really bad, unless you put it in sport and then set it on 3 of 6 in th aggressiveness meter and then it is slightly tolerable. My M roadster is, of course, manual so I am not that interested in having M3 maual as I prefer to mix it up. I hope to not be dissapointed. If so I'll go by a clean E46 M3 SMG for 1/2 the price.
Many of your questions are answered here.

edkh: It's good to look at VAG DSG to figure what ZSG will be like however, things like automatic upshift at redline are obviously fully software controllable. ZSG in manual mode does not have to be this way and I suspect won't be. heezyo2o already made this point as well.

You guys should read all of the thread you post to and read a few others for some background before posting.