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The people from that contest decided they wanted another one and they wanted to give me 5% of the entry fee for running it so here it is. Prizes will be determined after entry to the contest is closed, entry fee is $30. They will be a little more evenly distributed than last time so lots of people win a few good sized prizes. Contest will end on March 15, 2011.

Rules from the last contest

This contest is not about weight loss, it's not about your one rep max, it's about improvement.


What does that mean? It means the difference between point A and point B. If "Frank" starts at 300 pounds and then goes to 200 pounds but is still "fat", he has made a HUGE improvement. If "Alex" goes from 140 pounds to 175 pounds shredded muscle, he too has made a HUGE improvement. Even though one guy lost weight and the other guy gained weight - they both made an improvement in their life.


1. Post in this thread/F&N thread (LINK) that you are in.

2. Payments will be taken through paypal $30-address is Please make sure to send the payment as a gift so they don't charge any fees and include your OT name in the notes so I know who paid.

3. If you have any questions you can email me at with your OT name in the subject line. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT THIS

4. All money must be in by Sept 7 at 11:59pm PST to be in the contest. First post will be continually updated with the names of people who paid and the total prize amount.

5. To prove that the pics you submit are current, on Sept 8 I will email everyone a secret phrase that you will need to write on a sign along with the date (use a sharpie to make sure we can read them). All pics you submit must have the sign visible in them. You will have 7 days to email me your pics. You can also post them in the thread if you'd like (the F&N thread only, no pics will be posted in the main forum). If you want the before pics to remain private then only I will see them (if you do not send it after pics then they will never be posted). But to win the contest, you will have to post your before/after pics in the thread so that everyone can see who is entering. You cannot win any money if you don't post your pics at the end.

6. On March 15th I will send everyone another phrase to write for your after pics and you will have 7 days to send them in. Winners will be picked within a couple days after all the pics have been posted.


attire -
Bathing suit/underwear
females obviously may wear bikini/bra

poses -
1) double bi front view flexing (example- )
2) relaxed front view, arms at side
3) relaxed side view, arms at side

face -
dont have to include your face when you post (blur, photoshop, etc), but have one with your face saved on your hard drive for later in case someone calls "BULLSHIT ASSHOLE THATS NOT YOU"

proof -
piece of paper with written secret message (and date) that will be emailed to all participants

lighting -
don't be a jackass, don't be a ******, be reasonable. Well lit room and no shadows. LIGHT. LIGHT IS REQUIRED.


This will be decided by our own fitness guru and impartial moderator Timberwolf. At the end of the period, he will pick the winners and give whatever reasons as to why he feels this way (after all, since he works so hard at being in shape, he knows how much work it takes to get to certain levels).
This is the criteria for the other forum I'm on.