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No i never saw that movie. I am leaning towards One3five or enfifty4. Or some derivative of those. My current name had to do with my last car, and I dont have that anymore so it is time for a change.

Honestly BO will be a good MP I am sure of it. I am currently playing BAttfield 2 MP. It is more fun than COD and far less shit talkers and kids in that community. I have not heard any at all so far and hardley anyone is a dick. I think because it is a harder game to get good at than COD. COD is a pretty simplistic and the killstreaks make it way too easy to get a lot of kills. BF2 has none. Sniping in COD is a joke. Most of the time you dont even have to aim right at the Sniping in BF2 is very hard to get good at because you have to arc the bullets for long distance and get head shots for one hit kills. Morter strikes are the closest thing to kill streaks and those do not give you many kills most of the time. They are only used in the recon outfit as well. Flying the choppers is hard and the tanks end up getting blown up fast.

If you have not tried BF2 you should.

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How about bumpy dork? Ever seen Heavy Metal? Dork does not = nerd in that reference...

I'm still not sold on the new black ops. I want to see some game play reviews once it hits the stores before I decide.
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