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So I went in on Sunday morning for my standard maintenance on my 2009 M3. Everything seemed to be going fine about 1 hour into the service and I was bored watching TV in their waiting room, so I decided to go upstairs and check out the Porsches. So I go upstairs and to my horror, I see MY m3 getting pulled out of the service bay. The person driving it rev's it up loud and accelerates rapidly out of the spot, seemingly trying to get the back-end loose (I'm sure the traction control stopped it) and then goes blasting out of the shop.

This makes me furious and I've since complained to my service person, head of the maintenance shop and my service adviser (they all said they were sorry it happened and vowed to make sure to speak to that person). I'm not sure what else to do besides give them an awful review if BMW calls and asks if I was satisfied with my appointment. It really makes me mad to have someone drive my car like that.

Not the end of the world and I'm glad the car was not damaged but still not happy every time I think about it.

EDIT: cleaned up title because they resolved issue.

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