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I have both SMG and DSG cars.
- DSG creeps forward when you release the brake, SMG doesn't
- I always use manual mode in the m3 because I just hate the shift timing in auto mode vs. I drive the DSG in auto mode most of the time unless I'm into somekinda fun.
- both SMG and DSG do downshitft on it's own when the rpm is too low (no matter your in auto or manual mode), say when your approaching a redlight in 6th at 60mi. DSG downshifts starting at around 1,500rpm (maybe lower) without skipping gears vs. SMG skips gears sometimes
- DSG upshifts automatically if you get to the rev limit (even in manual mode) but not so sure about the SMG, which gives you the yellow and red indicators when the needle approaches the rev limit.
- DSG is super smooth, the rpm keeps going up without dropping during acceleration vs. SMG is kinda jerky at slow speed but it gives you the kick in the back when upshifting. SMG gives you the feeling of driving a real M/T car without the third paddle. I prefer the current SMG over the VW DSG but would love to try the new tranny on the e92 m3.
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