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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I know that BMW confirmed that the next M3 will be using a twin-turbo six cylinder engine. But I distinctly remember that engine being a V6.
They never said it would be a V6 engine, they (they being Dr. Kay Segler, IIRC) merely said it could not be ruled out at the time. Also, I don't believe it there was any guarantee of a twin turbo either, just a turbo.

To me the V6 never really stood much chance given how much more it would cost than using an existing I6 as a foundation. It does not make sense for the midrange car when even the M flagship (M5/M6) use a motor based on the normal series V8.

Now Scott26 is saying that the F30 M3 will be using a variant of the N55, which is a single-turbo, and most interestingly, straight-6.
He had said that awhile back as well. Naturally then, S55 will be the F3x M3 motor name. 1M was developed too fast for an M specific engine, I suppose. In fact, I think this wil be the first M vehicle with a normal series "N" engine.

The most interesting thing about the post you mention, to me, is he confirms that the F2x 1M will indeed more to a turbo 4. This is not unexpected, but answers some questions I had about how they would suitably distinguish it from the M3. So, M5 gets the V8, M3 gets the I6 and 1M gets the I4.
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