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Originally Posted by headlee103 View Post
Couture vs. Toney was just a joke. As soon as I saw the two of them walk out you knew it was over. Toney had absolutely no reaction to Coutures low single! You would think sprawling and defending the takedown would have been Toneys only emphasis during his training camp! Ohh well, everyone got a good laugh out of it and Toney still got a fat paycheck for gettin beat up for a couple minutes.

Edgar vs. Penn was awesome! Exactly how I predicted it!! I have known Frank for a long time through wrestling and he has always excelled with quick level changes and explosions, along with great conditioning. Those two combined are exactly what he used to beat BJ last night. Edgar did a great job of creating angles not only with his striking but with his shots as well.

Next fight will be a rematch with Menard vs. Edgar, last time it was a good fight and I dont expect anything less next time around. With that being said, let me say how much wrestling is taking over MMA! Of the 5 title holders and the 5 top condenders there are SEVEN Division I wrestlers!!
Yup Edgar just outworked BJ again and was just at another level conditioning-wise. He was just too fast and had plenty of gas to power out of anything BJ tried to get going on the ground. Definitely impressed with Edgar. We'll have to see what BJ does now...

LOL yea Toney clearly had not practiced anything but boxing for this fight. He really seemed to not have a clue about what was going to happen.

Definitely agree on the wrestling! Really lets the fighter control where the fight goes, whether it keep it standing, getting it to the ground, or tying up in the clinch. But then again, it is MMA and the top level guys are typically outstanding at just about every aspect. Look at GSP for example, suberb wrestling, strong stand-up, great BJJ (which he is really working on right now so he can finish these fights before they go 5 rounds).

But yea some great fights Sat Night. How about Joe Louzon getting back after a year off and putting on an outstanding fight like that! Great armbar!
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