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DIY: How to butcher your Akapovic EVolutions Cats

In the spirit of achieving extra power without sacrificing drone and noise, I set about removing the insides of the 100 CPI HFCs that are standard on the Akrapovic Evolution full titanium system.

It took a leap of faith that the sound would not be too loud, or drone excessively.

It also took over two hours of brute manual labor

Tools required:
1. A tire iron (sharpened on a grinder)
2. A hammer
3. Perseverance
4. Time
5. Bravery to attempt this on a $6000 exhaust system

I am pleased to report that the sound is almost identical to before, maybe ever so slightly raspier, but still ZERO DRONE. It is not louder at all. It sounds fantastic!!

We managed to get every last bit of the fucking hard as hell bitching crap inside the cat chamber out. Fuck me I thought it would never come out, and a few times I was holding my head in my hands thinking what the hell am I doing?

Herewith pics, videos of the butchering and the final sound clip.

The car with the ESS VT2 600 is noticeably more responsive, and smoother to.

In fact I nearly crashed on the way home as I lost traction in third gear changing lanes, while accelerating hard The car is so scary fast its insane!!! I loooove my ESS S/C and all I can say is you must go catless if SC. otherwise its like boning with a rubber (just not the same)

Feels like at least an extra 20 whp to me
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