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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
600 miles ago the engine oil was changed in my car at the dealership. I just realized today the oil level is too high. The info in my iDrive states it.

My guess is the guy either dumped all 9 instead 8.8 in or didn't fully drain and put 9 in as the worse case scenario. Sigh, can't depend on anyone anymore for the easy tasks either.

I'm mad at myself too for not checking soon enough. I always make it a point to double check work after I've changed tire/wheels, oil, i just simply forgot this time.

How much damage do you think there was to the engine over 600 miles?
is it leaking any? if not give it 1 day of driving it should settle properly. if not bring it back let them syphon out. my dealer always leaves about a half liter low and gives it to me to put in the next day.