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Mustang Fan Boy's Smug Remarks

So I was sitting at a light and this jackass in a new 5.0 Mustang pulls up next to me. Our windows were down and out of no where he just blurts out..

"Hey, Bimmer Boy. Motor Trend just compared your stupid M3 against this car and guess what? The Mustang kicked its butt and it costs 20K less. Guess you'll have to find a new hero"

Then he just turns right and drives off. 2 Points on the subject even though if he would have stuck around, I would have just put the window up and ignored the stupid asshole.

. First off, while I do have a great deal of respect for the M3, it is NOT my hero car. ( Bugatti Veyron ) would have to be my hero car thank you.

. Second, I will not even bother taking the time to read said article as Motor Trend magazine is total shit to begin with. I will say that maybe performance wise, the new GT is close to the M3. ( Maybe ) but on an engineering level, no way. There isn't a person in this world who knows anything about cars that can't agree that as a total package, the M3 is amazing. I am not sure what the Ford boys are so proud about anyways. I had an old fox body 5.0 when I was a teen. It was a total POS and even my IROC-Z with the saggy doors and leaky T-Top was better then that car could even dream of.
( Thats not saying much if anyone who also owned one of these cars will testify ) So if I understand what the guy meant, a nameplate from a not so great engine has been reborn into a car that for the past 3 decades has been a not so great car? He sure put me in my place. I will never sleep again knowing that the new Ford mustang is better then an M3 even though I own a 135I.

Ford boys...Standing behind sub-par products for over 100 years.