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Originally Posted by m_bazeepaymon View Post
this thread sounds very fishy...

Its like paying an extra 350 bucks to BMW to have a Sport Button on the E46 ......
I agree it does sound strange that M drive is an option when I asked what it is I was told “It is the M button as on the M5”. This information I thought was worth sharing and obviously BMW don’t want to give away the game at this stage but the first cars have been specked by the few dealers that will be getting demo vehicles and thus the options list has become available at dealer level. I will get to speck my car in August for September production. My choice for now is white with c/f roof (I like the contrast as per M6). All the M packs 19” rims the new sound system and the EDC. If all goes well I will be one of the first customers in the world with this car (I hope).