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Thanks man, I appreciate the input. It turns out I'm going to just get a new one. It's not a whole lot more than I was looking at spending, and I'll be able to spec it exactly how I want. I also think I'll pick it up in SC and drive it back down here. I was born in Miami, but I grew up in Tennessee, so I think I'm going to take it around the mountains for a few days to hit all the curvy roads that we don't have down here.

It's funny, I kept the business card of the SA from Braman for a year and a half after test driving one there, but in the end I'm buying a 2011 instead of a used one, and from someone at a different dealership because of the Braman guy's attitude. I love Miami, but the level of customer service here in almost every industry is often abysmal compared to every other city I've lived in.

Anyway, thanks for the input; now I've got to figure out how to distract myself for the 6-8 weeks it's going to take to get here.