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'My wife has a DSG Golf TDi diesel (sadly no flippers) - great except
massive 3 sec delay when floor from low speed. Some say it's DSG, others
turbolag. How was the Audi? (Sorry, off topic, but then so was most
of my sleep-inducing post, I guess.) But why do you rate the DSG much
higher than SMG? (see my reply to 'Race with auto' post).'

following on from the post in 'should i get an M3'...

i have driven the golf R32 DSG and you are correct it felt sluggish, however the TT 3.2 DSG (original version) was extreemly quick and smooth though the changes and was fast and a joy to drive i did not get that feeling when i test drove the SMG. I appreciate you comments about 'getting someone who knows to demonstrate' however this not a usual option at the local BMW dealer and i can only speak as i find as i did not get chance to have the car for a weekend to learn how and best to set it up, drive it etc....

Golf R32 DSG - fast car, gearbox slow and jerky
Audi TT 3.2 DSG - smooth box, confident and very rapid
M3 SMG - very quick but very jerky
M3 manual - very quick (still-amazingly) and very smooth