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Pueblo 9/4, lapping day for charity

This forum has been crickets lately... I'm sure that's because we've all been busy enjoying the summer. It's been a year since I've lapped at Pueblo, thought I would pass this along to give you an optional activity to start off the Labor Day weekend with. I'll be there

For those of you who don't know, the city of Pueblo has taken over running PMP. This year the city donated a lapping day to FAAST to help them raise funds for military families in need. FAAST is asking for a $100 donation per car for a full day of lapping on Sept 4th. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Project Sanctuary. Their goal is to raise $5600 and sponsor two families. The donations are presented at noon to the recipients - last year the soldier & his family were in attendance to accept the cash in person. This event has a special place in Judy's heart because she's lost a close friend in Iraq - as many have.

They have 26 cars signed up for the event so far. Registration is easy & done using the first link above (no payment at registration). Even if you can't make it, please pass this invitation along to your fellow drivers. Here are a few details I learned from Judy that aren't posted on the web:

  • This is an open lapping day for cars and motorcycles. The sessions will be split. There is no instruction provided.
  • Sessions will be 30 minutes long, running from 8am - 5pm. (like at HPR but instead of fast/slow, it's bikes/cars)
  • Tech inspections are not required but they use the same set of guidelines as other organizations: no loose items in the car, no fluid leaks, good tires, etc.
  • Since donations are presented at noon, they ask everyone arrive in the morning. The donations are taken in person when you arrive & sign the track waiver.
  • They're asking folks sign up as soon as possible so they'll have a car count early on.

And something I found really interesting: FAAST is sponsoring the BMW instructor school & lapping day Sept 24th. See you there?
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