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Originally Posted by ssummers View Post
How is everyone doing on this?

I took almost 2 weeks off for vacation, didn't work out, didn't watch my eating(much). Was surprised that I didn't gain any weight but it was tough to start the program again when I got back. I am just finishing the first week(again) and feel so much stronger this time around. Yesterday I got really ambitious and did most of the work out a second time with my wife in the evening. I've been hovering around 230-235 and would really like to get to 220-225 so I am going to ramp up the program and really watch my eating.

You might not gain weight for going 2 weeks off the program, but once you get past those 2 weeks, your weight comes back at you fast. I haven't done the program in 4 weeks. That's when I finished it. I somehow gained 7 of the 20 lbs I lost back withint he past 4 days. My metabolism is starting to slow down again.